Thursday, October 04, 2012

Luke Smith at the Cherry Tree

The Cherry Tree, Canterbury
Wednesday 3rd October, 2012

No bass player, no Jimmy Ross on sax, just Luke (voice, keyboard, electric guitar) and the ever-reliable Dave the Drummer (see here).

Tim Munton read some poems (some accompanied by Luke, including the excellently absurd "The Girl Who Dreams People"). A table full of punks were enjoying themselves, seemed to know all the songs, requested the instant classic "Canterbury Girls" before they had to leave (first I'd heard it, Tim says it's a rewrite of a Chas'n'Dave number). I'm always amazed at Luke's instrumental and lyrical dexterity — and the extent to which such a talent is taken for granted around here (and he's a really engaging performer too). Another inappropriately tiny audience — c'mon people!


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