Thursday, September 27, 2012

Trance Map with Toma Gouband at The Vortex

Thursday 20th September, 2012, The Vortex, Dalston, East London

Matt Wright — laptop
Toma Goubandlithophonic and vegetative percussion
Evan Parker — soprano and tenor saxes

Matt told me about this after a failed attempt to book a low-key Sunday evening gig in the woods for Toma while he was down in Canterbury doing some recording. I got the train up, and then squashed in the car with them and all the gear for a lift home, dropping Evan off in Faversham en route. A very interesting evening. I spent the second set (during which EP played tenor) on a very interesting sort of sleep threshhold, was fully with every nuance for the first (when he played soprano).

But this blog describes it better than I could, thereby saves me the trouble of having to go into too much detail!


Anonymous Silke said...

i would have liked to hear this, especially the litophone percussion. i can imagine the interplay of them with the saxophone player must sound quite nice.
you don't have any sound example of it, do you?

greetings from berlin,

4:53 PM  

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