Thursday, April 09, 2009

River Daughter session

I've just finished processing something I recorded in Kent a couple of evenings before flying out to the States.

This was recorded after an inspiring walk along the Sarre Penn, a small stream running north of Canterbury. The words "river daughter" were present in my mind for some reason - I imagined they were from a lyric: either something by the Incredible String Band, or Pink Floyd's "Cirrus Minor" (the latter was almost correct - it's plural, as in "willow weeping in the water/waving to the river daughters". The origin appears to be a name given to the character Goldberry in The Lord of the Rings).

The Sarre Penn
The Sarre Penn, somewhere in Blean Woods - photo by Michael from Whitstable

The recording consists of a bit less than an hour of mostly improvised solo saz pieces (as well as a couple of tunes I've played in the past), which I've uploaded in an entirely untreated form. At least one of Libby's roosters (Tina, Animal, Roadrunner and Meathead) can be heard making a racket in the background, along with other nearby birdsong.

Listen Here


Blogger nina m. said...

I really really love your music :)

11:38 AM  
Blogger Matthew Watkins said...

Hey, thanks! If you have a moment you can leave reviews on those pages (it only takes a minute to register for a login). I see you like Gong, early Floyd, etc. - so it's particularly pleasing to know you like my stuff too.

best wishes,

11:46 PM  

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