Thursday, April 27, 2006

Turkish connections

A few weeks ago I discovered via a "Google Alert" that Children of the Drone had received a brief write-up in a Turkish language blog called Modern Rok Hamlesi.

Modern Rok Hamesi

It had occured to me to take a printout down to the nearby "Dinosaur Cafe", a super-friendly local establishment run by a family of Turkish Kurds. James T offered to do this as he stops by their regularly. He just sent us this email:

"Had a great 10 minutes with Turkish proprieter of the Dinosaur Cafe translating the bit about COTD on Turkish website: (

Very roughly it goes:

3 English artists with the help of 20 others have set up a musical
collective. Various national (ethnic) instruments: sitar, mandola, saz.
They translate from different (musical) languages in a non-hierarchical
way (i.e. unstructured, but also could mean "democratic", i.e. with no one
influence prodominating). Their music is priceless (another double
meaning: (1) so good it's beyond price, and (2) it is available free!).
Visit their website. [And there is a link to us provided]

So it's a relief to discover that it wasn't a scathing critique of my very un-Turkish style of saz playing!


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