Thursday, April 06, 2006

floaty St. Stephens Drone session

Children of the Drone is five years old about now. We may have a birthday party/session in a couple of weeks, but last night's session at St. Stephens church (our regular first-Wednesday-of-the-month) was probably closer to the actual date Keith, Simon and I first played together. Unfortunately Simon couldn't make it to this one.

church noticeboard
perhaps the only church noticeboard ever to contain a Hawkwind poster!

Henry - percussion
James T - poetry, piano, percussion
Brian - piano, percussion
Keith - electric guitar, acoustic bass guitar(?)
John - mandola, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass guitar, voice, low whistle, percussion(?)
Vaughan - acoustic guitar, voice, mandolin(?), percussion(?)
Jo - voice
Pete - acoustic guitar, banjo, voice(?)
me - saz, percussion, acoustic bass guitar, The Purple Lunchbox, balalaika(?)

Peter(?), who Henry invited along to listen, added some additional acoustic guitar and percussion.

Nice, floaty session.

Listen Here


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