Tuesday, March 21, 2006

electric jam with Pok

Pok turned up at the weekend with a CD of freshly recorded folk-inspired songs he's written recently. It's a very promising direction he's going in - a couple of the songs in particular ("King" and "Key to the Gate") impressed me more than anything I've heard from him since the original Spacegoats days.

Pok playing my old Westone electricPok's 'address book'
Pok playing my old Westone electric, his palmipsestuous "address book"

On Saturday afternoon we went over to Henry's for a fairly wild electric session:

Henry - percussion
Richard - electric bass guitar
Pok - electric guitar
me - saz

I think this is the first time I've jammed with him playing electric guitar. It's actually a guitar I bought from an art student in Canterbury about sixteen years ago, and which hasn't been played for years. With Henry and Richard as solid rhythm section he was able to completely let go and play his heart out, with me adding my saz input as appropriate. Great fun, if nothing else.

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