Monday, April 24, 2006

A Tiny Window - Miscellany One

I've just put together and uploaded to the Internet Archive Open Source Audio archive a new collection of otherwise unclassifiable archive recordings: Miscellany One.

me, at The Grey Mare and Her Colts (long barrow), Dorset
me, at The Grey Mare and Her Colts (long barrow), Dorset - August 2005

As usual, all my solo stuff, and anything that wasn't done with Children of the Drone, Ail Fionn or the Dongas Tribe, is attributed to the umbrella name "A Tiny Window".

I've just created an ultra-basic ATW webpage (to be later expanded), and will soon compile an albums-worth of the best material for distribution via Last FM, probably to be titled A Quick Look Through A Tiny Window.

Miscellany One, on the other hand, is a real mixed bag: solo saz and balalaika sketches, me accompanying Vicky playing a folk tune on her recorder, some extended psychedelic electric jamming with Pok Spacegoat (backed up by Henry and Richard Drone), a couple of daft electronic experiments, a D'n'B remix of some percussive saz playing, Matt Spacegoat's remix of my voice talking about retrocausality, etc.

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