Thursday, April 20, 2006

Sufiboy and the Doktor on Audiobulb Underground release

This arrived yesterday from Simon Drone (a.k.a. Sufiboy):

"Hi Matthew,

I recieved this today from Audiobulb, a label I sent urls to as a demo:

"Hi Simon

Thank you for your demo and your interest in audiobulb.

I thought your music sounded very good & I respect your skills. You have
some original ideas and the production was of a high standard - i liked the
egg slicer action!

I'd like to feature the track Egg Slicer and Sandwich Ingredient Recital in
an Audiobulb Underground release.... these are hidden html pages within the
audiobulb site. If you visit our front page and look for a flashing gif
image - the size of a full stop you will find one.....

All I need is the mp3 + any pictures - jpegs that you have of the live

Best wishes,

David @ Audiobulb Records"

I have said yes, hope you don't mind, see you thursday,


Simon (left) playing a sausage using his Plant-Chant device, at a Blender happening a couple of days prior to the Holmbush Festival in Ide. The egg slicer is also visible in front of his right knee.

The track in question was recorded out at a little festival in someone's garden in Ide last summer. Simon was playing the egg slicer and I was reciting the rather alarming list of ingredients from a Co-op Classic Cheese and Onion sandwich he had just eaten - a very rare recording of me providing "vocals"! You can read more about this here - the audio is available here.

In a similar vein, I just discovered this - Mark E. Smith of The Fall reading the football scores on a BBC TV sports programme last year!


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