Monday, March 13, 2006

I've finally got a account together. This is the web-service that customises audio streams to your music-taste profile, and uses relational databasing and social networking mechanisms to allow audiences to find artists they might like and artists to find audiences that might like them.

I've created a kind of virtual Children of the Drone label for That's based here - I've uploaded all our compilations as "albums" (with the individual MP3 files all properly tagged, etc.). One of them has gone live, the others should be through soon.

The player
the player

We've already got a few 'fans' as a result of some IAA material somehow leaking into peoples' accounts. Oddly, the top three names which come up - "tr00 viking", "nucleardent" and "S-Bloodstains" - appear to be primarily death-metal and grindcore enthusiasts! Perhaps this is the target audience we've somehow overlooked!

"nucleardent" has even written an enthusiastic piece about us in his "journal". We were top of "tr00 Viking"'s personal chart with a piece called "untitled" - but that now appears to be the result of him listening to numerous pieces which have all been mistakenly identified as a single track.


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