Monday, August 07, 2017

Canterbury Sans Frontières: Episode 49

Canterbury Sans Frontières: Episode 49

Eric Dolphy's influence on the young Richard Sinclair, another gem from a lesser Gong album, Robert Wyatt at home on the piano, half of Hillage and Giraudy's '79 ambient masterpiece "Rainbow Dome Musick", Hatfield live in '75 and an Egg miniature. Also, some neo-prog from Guapo, progressive electronica from Amon Tobin and Four Tet and yet more Terry Riley. From the Canterbury of recent times, a Boot Lagoon studio jam, a solo piece from the Boot's guitarist, another track from the new Syd Arthur live EP and a recent piece of melancholia from Stray Ghost. The middle hour is dedicated to the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of John Coltrane's physical death, with some tracks from '59 to '64 interspersed with interview clips.


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