Saturday, July 08, 2017

Canterbury Sans Frontières: Episode 48

Canterbury Sans Frontières: Episode 48

Obscure French covers of Kevin Ayers' "Why Are We Sleeping?" and Robert Wyatt's "Alifie", everyone's favourite part of Gong's "Angel's Egg" album, National Health (with Bill Bruford) and Kevin Ayers (with Andy Summers) live in '76, Robert Wyatt with Evan Parker, Hugh Hopper with Miller/Pyle/Malherbe, more modular synth beauty from Smith and Ciani, Terry Riley live in Paris in '72, spiritual jazz from The Lloyd McNeill Quartet, Carlos Santana with Alice Coltrane and a Matching Mole classic. From today's Canterbury, Syd Arthur live in Brighton, Arlet live in Ramsgate and a soundtrack miniature from sound artist Seth Scott.


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aloha mat,nice one again
greetings from love and the game

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