Friday, June 09, 2017

Crash of Moons with Trance Map and Bog Bodies

7th June 2017
Bramley's, Canterbury

Not a great turnout for this, but a respectable enough audience for an avant-garde gig, I suppose. Trance Map is local Professor of Sonic Arts (and one-time UK DMC scratch DJ champ!) Matt Wright on turntable and laptop with free improv legend Evan Parker on soprano sax. Bog Bodies were ending their album launch tour — they consist of Broadstairs-based Robert Stillman (tenor sax and electronics), Dublin-based Seán Carpio (drums and electronics) and Copenhagen-based Anders Holst (drums and electronics).

Here are the DJ sets I played as Prof. Appleblossom...

...mostly ambient/drone/experimental stuff, with a few old school hiphop favourites thrown in for Matt's sake.

Inspiral Trio (three members of the current Gong lineup) next month!


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