Saturday, May 20, 2017

Vels Trio and Led Bib at Crash of Moons Club

8th May 2017
Bramley's, Canterbury

A huge success, this one, Adam took a risk on a more expensive band (Led Bib ending their UK tour in support of a new album) but filled up the place and didn't lose money! And great to see some old faces from Whitstable (incl. some of the Happy Accidents). This was just a few hours after I flew back into Heathrow after a month in the States, so a great opportunity to see a lot of friends in one place. Last time I saw Led Bib was, I think, up at Orange Street Music Club, the night I met some members of the newly formed UKC Psychedelics Society — 2011?

I did my usual resident DJ Professor Appleblossom thing, playing mostly jazzy prog before Vels Trio, then a transitional set into some more skronky psych-jazz between bands, and a dance set afterwards. It was most gratifying to see Mark Holub and Liran Donin (the rhythm section from Led Bib) happily robot dancing onstage to a The Comet Is Coming track just before they played their set!


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