Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Little Bulb's Wail

Monday 27th February 2017
Gulbenkian Theatre, UKC campus, Canterbury

In my experience, everything Little Bulb Theatre do is wonderful and this was no exception. The show is sort of about humpback whales and why they sing, and why humans sing — a kind of unclassifiable merging of gig, lecture and gently surreal comedy. Just Dominic and Claire in this one, both playing numerous instruments. Claire sang a beautiful old whaling song, accompanied by Dom on mandolin, beat the tympani while Dom shredded on electric guitar, did a brief Freddy Mercury impression, etc.... they got the whole audience imitating the four components of humpback whalesong at one point (creak, moan, whoop, shreik...I'm sure I'll never forget them now). They ended with a a piece called "Wail", the two of them playing a bit of everything, layered up on an old loop pedal, culminating in a rather epic blue plastic trombone duet (despite neither of them having any previous brass experience)!

I recorded some late night jams with Dom afterwards (our occasional musical collaborations go back to a magickal incident in midsummmer 2007).

They're also included in this collection, which is mostly stuff I recorded with Phil Holmes (now ex-Lapis Lazuli) a few days later:

Listen Here


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