Thursday, April 13, 2017

Canterbury Sans Frontières: Episode 45

Canterbury Sans Frontières: Episode 45

An almost forgotten Richard Sinclair song from Caravan's In the Land of Grey and Pink sessions, Don Cherry guesting with System 7 twenty years ago, some very Canterbury-sounding fusion from Belgium and France in 1971, a slab of Hugh Hopper's "Monster Band" live in '74, Robert Wyatt talking Trump and singing a Cuban love song, plus more from that magnificent Suzanne Ciani and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith modular synth collaboration album Sunergy. From the Canterbury of recent times, we have Little Bulb Theatre, Luca Afrobeat Band and an hour-long mix of exquisite electronica and postrock courtesy of organic glitch producer Koloto a.k.a. Maria Sullivan.


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