Saturday, March 11, 2017

Canterbury Sans Frontières: Episode 44

Canterbury Sans Frontières: Episode 44

Egg, Steve Hillage's System 7 sampling Gong, Gong themselves celebrating twenty-five years of cosmic silliness, a late period Lindsay Cooper ambient collaboration, four unknown Japanese amateur musicians playing National Health's "Collapso" (having never played together before!), a old Robert Wyatt piece reworked with a Palestinian MC, the Delta Saxphone Quartet mashing up a couple of pieces from Soft Machine's "Third" album, Hugh Hopper with American experimentalists Caveman Shoestore and something from Kevin Ayers' 1972 "Banana Follies" stage show. From the Canterbury of recent times, a live set from Lapis Lazuli, an intriguing miniature from Humble Pious and friend, an almost-lost 2010 demo from Bardo Thodol and ambient works from two of the musicians behind that band. Also some spiritual jazz from Pharaoh Sanders, modular synth wizardry from Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and an overdue tribute to John Wetton (RIP).


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