Sunday, January 15, 2017

Canterbury Sans Frontières: Episode 42

Canterbury Sans Frontières: Episode 42

Richard Sinclair recorded recently in southwest France, Robert Wyatt with Annie Whitehead and an African choir in the 80s, Kevin Ayers live in Dorset in 2002, an early Hatfield lineup involving Dave Sinclair on keyboards and Robert Wyatt on guest vocals, lysergic poetry from Allen Ginsberg and a tribute to Greg Lake, King Crimson's first bass player/vocalist. Also some vintage Jamaican dub, a set of new music that emerged from the Canterbury area in 2016 (Syd Arthur, Bison Bonasus, Jamie Dams, Witchdoctor, Gneng), something from Canterbury's twin city (Rheims) and a guest mix from listener Joe in Toronto featuring a variety of music from that city's thriving underground scene.


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