Thursday, January 14, 2016

Free Range Presents: Canterbury Sans Frontières

I was on CSR FM last night. This is a local community/student station that's mostly dominated by student broadcasting and, as far as I can tell, listened to by very few people. Sam Bailey who organises the Free Range events in Canterbury has initiated a weekly one-hour broadcast on Wednesday evenings with four presenters in rotation. I'm doing a condensed version of my monthly three-hour Canterbury Sans Frontières podcast. It was pre-recorded, so I got to hear myself on the radio briefly (and delight in knowing that '68 Soft Machine was spiraling out through the local aether!) before hurrying down to Water Lane Cafe to catch a one-off Wednesday Free Range event (with improv clarinet virtuoso Tom Jackson and friends). Typically, the first programme went out while the only people likely to be tuning in were at this live event. So I've uploaded it as a streamable podcast, if anyone's interested:

Mixcloud stream


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