Thursday, January 07, 2016

original COTD trio reunion

2nd January 2016

The day after new year's day, Simon, Keith and I (the original trio who formed Children of the Drone back in 2001) met up in Vicky's front room for a jam — the first time this has happened for many years. Keith brought an acoustic bass guitar, Simon an iPad and a "You Rock" Midi guitar controller (the one used in the Rock Band computer game, but, alas, he forgot to bring fresh batteries). So it was saz, bass and iPad, with Simon making use of a slide guitar app, among others. We had one (admittedly rather languid) eighty minute jam in G minor and then ended up chatting for ages until they had to go. Not the best improvising we've ever done, but great to get together again. I've extracted four excerpts which I consider worthy of preservation:

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