Thursday, December 10, 2015

Crash of Moons Club no. 4

25th November 2015
Bramleys, Canterbury

Another great COMC night organised by Lapis Lazuli's tireless drummer Adam Brodigan. This month we were treated to sounds from Care Package, Patchwork Natives and Vels Trio.

Care Package is Tony Onuchukwa (he recently changed his stage/producer name from
"BĀ£AMS"), a Simon Langton graduate (from whence came The Soft Machine, as well as most of Zoo For You and Arlet), and currently a doctor at the Kent & Canterbury Hospital! He delivered a set of eclectic, understated electronica, and seemed to approve of my opening set as DJ Prof. Appleblossom (Bibio, Fridge, Caribou, etc.)

Here's something he put together a while ago:


Patchwork Trio are a magnificent mathrock/postrock trio from Brighton. Some insane bass playing (lots of tapping, etc.)...

Here they are doing their thing in London not long ago:


Vels Trio are a project involving local heroes The Boot Lagoon's bass monster Cameron Dawson with his London-based friends Dougal (drums) and Jack (keyboards). Three virtuosos playing lush jazz-fusion with a tinge of Canterbury sound. Apparently they were having a hard time, feeling underrehearsed, but I don't think that was at all evident to the audience. Props to The Boot's Callum Magill for supplying a mini-Moog at the last minute when Jack's went on the blink:

As DJ Prof. Appleblossom I attempted (successfully I think) to weave a sonic journey linking the bands, glitchy/lo-fi electronica into postrock into prog/fusion. After Vels Trio I selected some more danceable stuff (Afrobeat, Ethio-groove and soul-jazz). I look forward to the next one (February with Cheap Wine and Jouis, apparently).

Here's a recent clip of Vels playing a new tune:


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