Monday, November 19, 2012

Smugglers/Dawn Chorus/Sondryfolk happening in Sandwich

A superb weekend down on the coast helping out with the Sondryfolk side of things. The promised 12" vinyl turned out to be a CD — an issue with timescales and mastering, apparently — but I was pleasantly surprise to find (as I stuffed discs into eco-friendly packages) that I'm on it, briefly...a bit of saz-guitar jamming on a bluegrass tune with Tom Tucker, credited to "Professor Appleblossom" as "Saz Moon Jam".

I ended up (at Will Greenham's request) giving a brief sort of rabble-rousing pagan lunar-mathematical-archaeological-theological "sermon" from the church pulpit. I was under the impression that the place was deconsecrated, but apparently not! This morphed into an introduction for Syd Arthur (Raven, et al. were playing spacey ambient psychedelic backing), quite an experience. Really digging the new Syd tune ("1000 Miles" being a likely title) on second hearing. Great sets from everyone, basically, but no time for detailed blogging...

For now, here's a video compilation Dave Hatton (guitarist in Cocos Lovers) put together. I can be seen briefly sermonising, as well as Elise tidying up my beard in her "Loons Hairdressers" booth prior to getting up in the pulpit!


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