Monday, November 12, 2012

Mr Drake, the Sea Nymphs, Cardiacs

There's been an unprecedented amount of darkness swirling around the UK media and establishment recently, so I find myself seeking comforting, familiar sounds to take my mind off the subject. Sir Robert Bunkum brought to my attention a session which William D. Drake (of Cardiacs fame) recently played on BBC Radio 6's Marc Riley show. Bill and the band played a track from the Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Mr. Drake album, one I used to have a hissy cassette tape of in the early 90's, but had long since forgotten about. That led me to track it down, and that then led on to this (the same trio under a new name), which is just beautiful (Sarah Smith on vocals, song by Tim Smith, Bill Drake on piano):

And my current feelings about what seems to be coming out of this great unravelling?


Anonymous Sir Robert said...

can't work out which one of these cover versions i like the best-

this one:

or this one:

8:07 PM  

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