Monday, November 19, 2012

Another Thursday night in Canterbury

I almost missed a chance to see Leonie Evans — this is what happens if you don't use Facebook — but fortunately she got in touch with me that evening to let me know she was playing in town. First, it was an early edition of Free Range at the Veg Box, as legendary feminist poet Denise Riley was reading (and had to be done by 8pm). We also got to hear Sam Bailey performing a piece called "Three Conversations" by Matthew Brown, with a violinist and cellist (didn't recognise them — presumably part of the Christchurch music department):

Then it was over to The Ballroom for what turned out to be another Smugglers event. It was meant to be Leonie with Will Varley and Hellfire Orchestra, but Will couldn't make it so we got the current four-piece Famous James and the Monsters (supplemented by the ubiquitous Phil Self on mandolin) instead. Leonie decided to keep things simple and play a solo banjo set, so lots of those wonderfully weird old songs she seems to have a real talent for unearthing. Great to hear Hellfire and Famous James electric in contradistinction to our recent woodland treat. The whole place was jumping by the time the latter crew got on to their "Discoteque" number...



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