Friday, June 03, 2011

new additions to COTD archive

James S has taken over the task of recording Children of the Drone improv sessions down in Devon. Unfortunately, I've yet to get one this year (I hope to later this summer). But James recently sent me his files for processing, and it's nice to still be involved in keeping the website/archive up to date even if I'm not actually on any of the recordings. There's some interesting stuff throughout (James S getting evermore into his Kaoss Pad, but also playing santur, some lovely clarinet from Annie, Brian triggering Steve Reich-like marimba sounds on his keyboard, James T getting more confident/creative with his poetry recitations, Clifford guesting on hang, as well as local creative musical types Kimwei and Ric White dropping in for occasional sets). Here's are the Internet Archive pages with audio and full information:

St. Mary Arches, 2011-02-02
Cleave Farm Cottage, Whitestone, near Crediton, 2011-03-02
St. Mary Arches, 2011-04-06
St. Mary Arches, 2011-05-04

Annie, Lucy, James S, Mick and Brian(?)
Annie, Lucy, James S, Mick and Brian(?) at recent "Edge of Chaos" event in Exmouth (COTD's set was unrecorded)


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