Thursday, April 07, 2011

Solunasonic podcast

Chris 'Scope8' Topheshaw, a multi-pseudonymed Exeter-based electronica artist who I've worked with a little bit in the past (sometimes just pleasant acoustic jams, sometimes adding saz to his twisted beats) has brought this Soundcloud-based podcast to my attention:

Solunasonic Podcast - 02/2011 @320mp3 by scope8

After about 20 seconds of dark dubby sounds (wouldn't know what to call it, but it's amusing/gratifying to see tags like 'illbient' and 'darkstep' connected to something I've been involved in), there's an unexpected crossfade into a saz/Casio jam we spontaneously recorded in his flat last September, then it's off into the worlds of Zilchoid, Dv8Tors, 231ZigZag and other anonymous alphanumeric artistes.

More from that session (my own lo-fi recording) can be heard here.


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