Friday, April 08, 2011

new Canterbury sounds

It's been a long wait, but it's been worth it. The new 5-track Syd Arthur EP, Moving World came out about a week ago, and it's a magnificent piece of work. Their music has evolved even furthur[sic] since these pieces were recorded at their studio in SE London, but this is a perfect introduction to Canterbury's finest, and an excellent document of their progress to date:

Syd Arthur - Moving World EP advert

It's available from the Dawn Chorus Recording Company complete with beautiful packaging, but the band have also been kind enough to make MP3 versions of the whole thing available to stream online for free or download for your choice of fee. I've already stretched my vocabulary enough in the past trying to describe what they sound like, so just listen...

01 Morning's Calling - Moving World EP

02 Pulse - Moving World EP

03 Exit Domino - Moving World EP

04 Planet Of Love → Hermethio - Moving World EP

You can hear an interview I did with Syd Arthur as part of Episode 5 of my Canterbury Soundwaves podcast, wherein they choose a few of their favourite Canterbury scene tracks, talk about their own music and their influences.

The Boot Lagoon promo shot (March 2011)
The Boot Lagoon

Meanwhile, another Dawn Chorus signing from Canterbury (both geographically and in musical spirit) are The Boot Lagoon, several of whose live sets I've described on this blog, are about to release their debut EP. One track has already been made available as a free download, which gives you a pretty good idea of what they're all about:

The Boot Lagoon - Businessman


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....thank you for the posting of the syd arthur tracks, i'm just listening. they sound quite refreshing!

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