Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Random Article: Valley Sessions, March edits

Miriam — violin, voice, percussion
Tom — bass
me — saz
Paul — percussion (on a few tracks)
Frankie the landlady — slight percussion (on a few other tracks)

Listen Here

As usual, everything was entirely improvised. The titles were generated by the Wikipedia 'Random article' link (look in the left sidebar!) before each piece was played. The title "Sproat Lake" caused visiting Canadian percussionist Paul Clifford momentary ontological confusion and was a bit of a shock to us all when he explained that he was intimately familiar with the place (on Vancouver Island, British Columbia), had had some extraordinary, formative experiences there. Weeks later, we were further weirded out to learn that the landlady had visited a friend at her house on Sproat Lake, been given paintings and drawings of the place by her friend's artists son (some of which had been hanging on the walls of the house we were in only weeks earlier!).

Sproat Lake

I met Paul via Matt Tweed and Cocos Lovers, as he's been co-producing the new Cocos album Elephant Lands out at his little caravan studio near Ash with Matt. I was very impressed to learn that he played drums on The Be Good Tanyas' wonderful Blue Horse album. He seems keen to percuss further with us, and we're very happy about that!


Blogger Derek Parker said...

Awesome music, thanks for posting it and making it available. Wonderful rich sonorities, a joy.

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