Friday, March 25, 2011

Ten years of Droning

Keith from Children of the Drone just sent me this photo:

It's from the very first COTD session, even before we had a name, just Simon, Keith and I playing noodly modal sitar-saz-mandola jams in the bed department of the Debenhams department store in Exeter &mdash we were all sitting and playing on a very large bed at one point This was part of an initiative local music organiser (and occasional Droner) Philip Robinson put together to "install" musicians in unexpected public locations.

We had a celebratory session (and a wonderful cake made by Vicky!) for our 5th anniversary. Any tenth anniversary celebrations are going to have to wait, as I'm not going to be anywhere near Exeter for another couple of months.

A new COTD compilation is about due (I've been putting one together about once a year). Keith and I were joking about a limited edition ten-anniversary box-set...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

many many happy returns to the drone hub bless all who have sailed in dronekind - been too long. xxmelsk

6:49 PM  

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