Sunday, November 01, 2009

How cool this group do?

Someone in Taiwan has been blogging about Children of the Drone.

It's in Chinese, of course, but Google has provided a helpful translation!

"Dug treasure, and first introduce Internet Archive Web 2.0 in this line with the spirit of mankind's common cultural database, so it can go to download some music, and so on; and then hit keyword "low-fi" (as opposed to high-fidelity Hi-fi, Therefore it is not sound test music), accident know that "buzz Children Children of The Drone" this group.

How cool this group do?

First, they "no product", not to issue CD, music, films and so on, all of the recorded works are welcome to non-commercial use free download, Viva!

Second, they integrate psychedelic, jazz, the environment, contemporary, folk music that is creative, they are known as the "Voice of Drone Music Buzz" It's really so I love the!

Third, their works are spontaneous (Jamming), production and great, it is almost guaranteed not to hear the same one that all can be downloaded to the continuous good few days to listen to endless, Kazakhstan Li Lu Ya!

Fourth, they are cool, go to their website stroll ...

Someone's even left a comment, translated as follows:

"The praise which! Really dizzy and the brain Akira's music, do not drink very high, accept it, and earn !!!!!!! "


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