Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a week of Zegitude + Kangaroo Moon

I've spent a week with Matt Spacegoat (a.k.a. Zegthukki) putting the finishing touches on volume one of a trilogy of books I've been working on for quite a while now. He's been doing the illustrations, in between producing just about everyone's album and touring with Martha Tilston.

We managed to get a bit of a saz/bouzouki jam in on the night he arrived - lovely fluid G modal interweavings. After that, the book rather took over. We were listening to a lot of African music, Canterbury sounds and Eno, among other things, while working. We also took a break midweek to go down to Orange Street to see Madame Molotof, and then again after we'd finished for the week, to see Kangaroo Moon. Matt knows KM well, has recorded them, etc. and used to work in a music shop in Kingston with Nick, the bass player (who I know from Spirit of Music camps). So we rather surprised them by turning up (they had no idea either of us would be in the area).

Another great set from Kangaroo Moon - even better than at Small World, as Elliet (the fiddle player) was present. A festival crowd is always the best for this sort of thing, but we still had a great night, and then ended up getting whisked off to a remote location near Lydden for a party with the band and the various Canterbury heads who'd put the gig together. I slept through most of this, but then saw the aftermath of a wonderful sunrise, and got to connect with everyone in the morning. "Thom Moon 10" (previously "Thom the World Poet"), a performance poet from Australia via San Antonio, was around - he's an old associate of the band - and was most entertaining throughout, with his continual refusal to conform to normal modes of thought, language and expression.

I have vague, fuzzy memories of talking to Puffin (formerly of Aurora, now of Kaplick), and waking up to hear "Golf Girl" and "Roadhouse Blues" in the middle of the night.

Nick and Dave from the band drove us back to the outskirts of Canterbury, via Lydden - that's the first time I've been through there - it's where Daevid Allen first touched down in Kent, as a lodger at Robert Wyatt's parents' house. Mark had mentioned to me that morning that he'd been working with Daevid (as part of Magick Brothers) a few days earlier, and had then dropped him off at the current Gong rehearsal studios in London.

Daevid Allen outside Wellington House
Daevid Allen outside Wellington House (Wyatt-Ellidge family home), Lydden c. 1961

sign on Wellington House gate
sign on Wellington House gate "This Gate, Like, Shutsville, Ba-aby, for Really!" (presumably painted by Daevid)

Robert, his father George, mother Honor and half-sister Prue, outside Wellington House
Robert, his father George, mother Honor and half-sister Prue, outside Wellington House


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