Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tribal Voices video

This just surfaced from arch-archivist Max's collection. Coombe Farm, near Tiverton, Devon, September 1997 (the 'Tribal Voices' gathering). Proper cosmic hippie campire jamming!

Stef - concertina; Howie - mandola; Ruth - fiddle; Jo - recorder; Fraggle - accordion; me - saz; Pok - darbouka; Matt (Spacegoat) - stick drum; Shannon - voice/shaky egg; Jon E. Aris - accordion; Gaia - drum; Selena - tambourine

Ingrid, Tegwyn, Sunny, Lisa, Mandy and Stevie P are among those seen in background.

Chrissie Spacegoat can be seen filming - her footage can be seen here.

As usual in these situations, my saz is barely audible - still, it's nice to see myself in there with everyone. Where were Inge and Alan? This was shortly after we'd walked around Ireland and across Wales, and shortly before we headed down to West Cornwall. We recorded "For Isun" at the camp, which can be heard here.


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