Monday, December 15, 2008

more NuSphere collaboration

Dave (a.k.a. NuSphere) came down for a visit from Crayford last weekend. I was pleasantly surprised that he'd brought his laptop and an audio adaptor, wanting to record some saz stuff for new tracks he's working on (some dance-oriented, some for a meditation project). So I plugged in and played along. Some bits worked better than others, but the first piece worked especially well. He's taken it all away to mix, but in the meantime, we've found that the saz tracks without the beats I was playing to sound really rather good. Especially the first one. It's like I'm improvising around some invisible architecture, forcing my lines into shapes they wouldn't naturally take.

Canterbury Cathedral cloisters
Canterbury Cathedral cloisters

On the Sunday we went down to Canterbury Cathedral to see if we could make use of the wond'rous acoustics in the Chapterhouse (I'd dropped by there a few nights before and been again stunned by the place). Unfortunately it was locked, but we managed to record a few minutes of saz and overtone singing in the rather atmospheric cloisters.

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