Friday, December 12, 2008

epic COTD session

Thurs 11th December, St. Mary Arches church - probably the last of the year (a sparse but rewarding one for Drone sessions)

Richard - electric bass guitar
Lucy - alto saxophone
Vicky - harmonium
James S - electronics, treated vocals, harmonica, saz
James T - submerged gong, organ, percussion, plastic bag, poetry
Keith - mini-synth/sampler, electric guitar
Henry - Roland samplepad, percussion, vocals
Iggy - Roland samplepad, percussion
Mick - electric guitar
me - saz, percussion

Listen Here

Medaevil vestment taken from St. Mary Arches
Medaevil vestment taken from St. Mary Arches

Fortunately, that morning, I was walking through Princesshay and heard some fabulous music drifting towards me. Suddenly realising it was yet more Christmas-related music (urg!) I was thrown into cognitive dissonance, as, despite this fact, it still sounded fabulous. It was a lively interpretation of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen", and I quickly realised Spin 2 were responsible, being a regular busking act in Exeter. Ali was just flying on her electric fiddle. Such a lovely groove they bring. Stopping to chat, I reminded Mick about the Drone session, which resulted in him bringing Iggy along (Iggy's been to a session or two before, but we knew him as 'Igor' then). I've since remembered the first Dub Magnitude rehearsal, around this time of year a few years ago, where we ended out working out dub versions of carols, including "God Rest Ye..." ("Jah Bless Ye Irie Rastamen"?).

I'm really digging the 'new' COTD sound (not that there can really be such a thing) - vast, sprawling, much weirder and more adventurous, LOUDER at times. Henry switching to Samplepad has really helped to keep things moving. Lucy's sax playing is another very welcome ingredient (also Vicky's harmonium, but it could do with being played a bit less shyly!). James S electronic vocal madness and James T playing a large plastic bag (thicker vinyl type, rather than the horrible crinkly supermarket variety) were among the more memorable aspects of this particular session. Richard's bass playing is becoming increasingly creative, and Keith seems ever more inclined to mess with gadgets and a tiny keyboard, alongside his masterful guitar playing.

I'm thinking of compiling COTD compilation 7 soon, probably drawn entirely from the eight existing recordings made of 2008 sessions. Something for long, dark evenings in early 2009, I think.


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