Thursday, October 23, 2008

superb Drone session (which I missed)

A couple of Wednesdays ago at St. Mary Arches church in Exeter. A strong contender for Best Drone Ever. My attempts to edit this down to a single CD were doomed to failure (there's almost two hours here). Henry's adoption of a Samplepad seems to have evolved the COTD sound considerably.

Henry - percussive samplepad
Keith - electric guitar, etc.
James T - poetry, percussion, keyboard, water, etc.
Lucy - alto saxophone (first session)
Tim - electric guitar, bowed electric guitar, etc.
Brian - percussion, etc.
Mick - electric guitar, etc.
Richard - electric bass guitar

Listen Here

Many thanks to Henry for recording this one, and making the files available to me for processing.


Anonymous erik jappens said...

Hi Matthew, remember me? Have been wondering what you guys have been up to. How is Alan doing? Please mail me. I'm curious.

hope all's well...

8:35 PM  

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