Thursday, August 28, 2008

very-nearly acoustic Drone session at Vaughan's

This was last Tuesday night, in Vaughan's barn out by Sherwood Cottage. Very mellow session, all acoustic apart from Keith's (very textural) electric guitar. Twinkly lights, twinkly music.

Vaughan - acoustic guitar, mandolin, dan moi, accordion, percussion
John - acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, whistles, voice, mbira, xylophone, percussion
Keith - electric guitar, acoustic bass, backward vocal samples, percussion
Philip - assorted bowls, bells, percussion, mbira, xylophone, acoustic guitar, harmonica, iPod, dan moi, etc.
me - saz, acoustic bass guitar, percussion

the gardens of Sherwood House
the gardens of Sherwood House (Vaughan's the gardener)

Annoyingly, the very delicate first 45 minutes or so, which ended with the music sort of 'evaporating' and then a perfectly-timed owl cry, didn't get recorded (I was using a borrowed Zoom H2 recorder, and wasn't quite used to it). But over two hours did, which I've edited down to 68 minutes (the long third track's the most worthy, I think):

Listen Here


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