Sunday, September 07, 2008

Maximal St. Mary Arches Drone

The monthly first-Wednesday Children of the Drone session

Lots of us this time!

James S - voice, glockenspeil, khamak, harmonica, singing bowls, percussion, etc.
Annie Q - flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, voice
John - acoustic guitar, voice, percussion, mandola, penniwhistle
Henry - Roland SPD-S percussive samplepad
Tim - electric guitar
Keith - electric guitar, electric razor, keyboard
James T - poetry, percussion, keyboard, submerged gong
Simon - iPhone (running the following software: More Cowbell!, Band, Scratch, Tapstereo, Beatmaker and Kazoo), laptop (running Garageband and MacTermen (a virtual theremin))
me - saz, shaky egg, Bible reading

me and Annie  James T, Tim (background), Keith
me and Annie; James T, Tim (background), Keith

Keith, Henry, John
Keith, Henry, John

Some remarkable stuff going on this time - Annie providing powerful vocals, Keith making his guitar 'moan' by bringing the motors in an electric razor close to his pickups, Simon playing his phone (as promised last time I bumped into him), Henry playing vocals, bassline and backwards percussion on his samplepad, James T reading my favourite of his poems ("The truth is a woman who looks like a man who looks like a woman in front of a mirror facing another mirror in a room within a room at the end of a circular corridor in space..."), me reading some scary weirdness from the Book of Ezekiel (I think) and James S turning up as the result of a very-last-minute phone message, adding his wonderfully random elements to the sound.

Listen Here


Anonymous Benjah said...

Hi Matthew ,
I've been listening to the last Drone impro-jams and I would like to name one of the untitled pieces after Greetje's firstborn , Natoma.You think that's a good idea ?? I hope the jams by the way and I'm going to listen to some more of them right now !!

Your Bredren,

10:43 PM  

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