Friday, August 22, 2008

Polish translation

I managed to get a translation of that recent Polish COTD writeup from the blogger (Kamil Wegrzynowicz) himself:

"You can call this music this way or other other but the guys are good in
what they do. Their idea for music is simple, very simple one may say -
to gather in some place and improvise. Reccord the output and put in on
the net. The most important is that it works.

What do they play? Answer is in the title. They remind me Acid Mothers,
Trees and other hippie communities, Skullflower, Hawkwind and especially
free improv elements being at the same time very easy on ears of less
experienced listeners. Sometimes they go into noise psychedelic
freakouts and I like them even more when do this. If I would take an
acid or smoke a joint this would be my only music to do this.

The comment says something like this:

"My main beef is this noise word. It makes me reluctant because my ears
can't expect anything good from noise.

Happens. Even though psychedelic calms me it won't do. If you would link
to some zip I'd download it. But the link transfered me to Archive's
main page so I decided that the god's watching for my good and
apparently it's not worth it.
" which Kamil answered:

"Yup, I like noise very much. But when it comes to Children of the Drone
noise is only one of the elements, less important when compared to

Also, you got to know that this is selection of the best parts from the
whole session and a lot depends on the mood of the musician at the

Second thing, I don't know your resistance to noise. I'm used to like a
lot so CotD are pretty light to me.


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