Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tragic Roundabout and Gadjo

At the Komedia in Brighton, last Friday (15th August). Fantastic! A bit strange seeing Gadjo in such a 'mainstream' venue (usually an old marquee on a festival site). Perfect sound though (apart from Sam's vocal mic, but he only sang briefly). The new rhythm section's working nicely - the drummer...

"Jerry is an Italian-Argentinian with the face of a Chinaman and the soul of an Indian. His elbows flap about gleefully when he plays a drum solo." (from the Gadjo website) excellent, although perhaps a bit too subtle for my taste (Stefan's bif-bang-pow drumming was just perfect for the band, but these things take time) and George (formerly in Stevie P and Sam's Green Angels) seems to have slotted himself perfectly into the lineup after Red went back to the States and he moved to Barcelona.

Hoping to see them again on the tour (probably The Bell in Bath, where I saw them last summer).


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