Friday, June 15, 2007

Sunday orchard jam at organicARTS open day

organicARTS based at West Town Farm near Ide (just outside Exeter) were participating in 'Open Farm Sunday' and Henry had booked us in to play some music. We had a beautiful view out across the valley from the top of their orchard and it was the perfect way to prepare ourselves for the next evening's Orbis Tertius? gig at the North Bridge Inn (my birthday). Thomas took some photos:

Keith, Henry, me

Orbis Tertius? at West Town Farm
our tiny but appreciative audience lazed around in the meadow grasses, shaded from the blazing sunshine

Listen Here

Steve who I know from the Pixie Village camp (Snelsmore Common, Newbury road protest 1996) and Jenny who I know from travelling in West Cornwall with the Dongas are now both based at the farm, both stopped by to listen for a while. Steve is the resident signwriter and was responsible for this:

a sign by Steve

me, with a rather pretty optical effect


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