Saturday, March 31, 2007

hurdy-gurdy jams

I've had a couple of saz and hurdy-gurdy jams with Joel over the last few days. Always good - lots more to come. I was playing unamplified, so having to be a bit more forceful and strummy than I would normally be (just so he could hear me - that machine is LOUD). However, I've now got his Trace Acoustic amp in my trailer and will be able to use that for future sessions.

Joel and his hurdy-gurdy
the inimitable Joel Turk and his amazing curly-wurly hurdy-gurdy (foot-on-monitors stylee)

A few recorded highlights:

Listen Here

Stef should be coming down from West Wales tomorrow with a carload of instruments, so it's quite likely that some very interesting music will emerge over the next few days.


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