Saturday, June 30, 2007

Birthday gig at the North Bridge Inn

The day after our session out at Ide, Orbis Tertius? played nearly the same set (just a lot higher-energy) at my favourite Exeter pub, the North Bridge Inn.

The last few years I've had a COTD session on my birthday, but this gig got arranged a while ago, so it was more a chance to play my heart out in front of a small but appreciative audience, backed up by Henry and Keith in fine form. We all felt it was the best we've ever played. Pretty good sound, too (Keith and I just played through amps, no PA as such).

Orbis Tertius? at the NBI, 11/06/07
Keith, Henry, Matthew - all off in our own worlds, as usual (photo by Mick)

Listen Here

Eddie, the landlord, was particularly appreciative, and wants us back. It’d be interesting to see how the OT? sound goes down with the NBI crowd on a slightly busier evening (it was mostly Droners, friends and family in the audience, as well as a very enthusiastic visitor from Valencia).

Keith turned up at the pub with a birthday present for me – a psychedelic guitar strap from the series designed by Jerry Garcia, so now I've got Jerry's spirit looking over my shoulder as I journey around on my saz fretboard.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Found this through Internet Audio Archive googling Mordekkers. Pleased to find BGG recordings at which I'm pretty sure I was present. walking off in the dark from our fire to track down the sound of the pipes was a memorable highlight of BGG 2005 for me.
And then what do you know - some Dongas recordings from 97. We were staying at Keveral for a few weeks in August 97 and went to a Dongas full moon gathering with a big pot of curry, mead and chocolate cake and danced Fest Noz tunes in the drizzle. A nostalgia trip now on the hard drive - thank you sir.

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