Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dub Magnitude at The Globe

I was part of a very enjoyable Dub Magnitude gig last night at The Globe Inn here in Exeter. We had a small but appreciative audience (20 at most), perfect low-key opportunity to test this thing out in public. We improvised on 12 dub basslines Mick had worked out (including a couple inspired by The Clash's "Charlie Don't Surf" and "Bank Robber" - although those were among the weaker tracks not included in the recording below), with the key of each one a semitone higher than the previous. Ivan was brought in as Henry's away in Austria (I'm housesitting for him right now, we - minus Ali - 'rehearsed' the set here the night before). Ali used to be in the acclaimed folk band The Barely Works in the 90's - now Mick's playing bass with her and her partner Chris in "Spin 2". We've been hoping to get her to come along to a Children of the Drone session, so perhaps she will now.

Mick - electric bass guitar
Ivan - drums
Simon - laptop
John - acoustic guitar, mandola, whistles, vocals
Keith - electric guitar
Ali - electric violin
me - saz, percussion

Ivan and Mick; Simon, John, Keith, Ali, Matthew
Ivan, Mick and my elbow; Simon's head, John, Keith, Ali, me

Someone came up to Simon afterwards to ask if we had CDs for sale, which is encouraging, as we were pretty much making it up as we went along.

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