Sunday, January 21, 2007

Kebab House belly dance thing

Tuesday night, Ryan, a hand drummer called Debbie and I accompanied "Shuvani", the local belly dance group (including half of the previous "Screaming Gypsy" troupe who Ryan and I can be heard accompanying back in 2001 here). The performance was in the corner of a recently opened gyros and kebab restaurant across the road from the (newly reopened) Mission Coffeehouse, with just about the right sized audience. We had a brief rehearsal over at Tiata's house beforehand and the whole thing went really smoothly. As I was getting a Turkish coffee, it transpired that the Iranian owner attended Exeter University for a year in 1980.

Gyros and Kebab House, Stevens Point
Gyros and Kebab House, Stevens Point

The weekly open mic at the Mission had just been re-started that evening, so I made a point of going over before the performance to put us down on the list. In the end, the dancers didn't want to dance in the smoke-filled space, which was fair enough, so Ryan and I just played a well-received twenty minute set of tunes I decided on at the last minute.

Shuvani flyer

I've since compiled some recordings I made at the kebab house, the sole rehearsal the previous week at Pam's and the Mission open mic:

Listen Here

Later I ended up down at the Clark Place for their weekly "song swap", playing along with the usual Neil Young favourites, as well as a couple of Damien Rice songs and (rather unexpectely) Radiohead's "Lucky".


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