Friday, September 22, 2006

pre-Equinox Drone, Oblique House

Henry - percussion
Keith - electric guitar and percussion
Mick - acoustic bass guitar
Simon - laptop
Brian - percussion
John - acoustic guitar, bouzouki, whistles, vocals, percussion, mbira
me - saz, percussion

Keith, Simon, Henry, Brian, Mick
Keith, Simon, Henry, Brian, Mick

My last Children of the Drone session before heading off to New Zealand on Sunday. The autumn equinox is actually around 4a.m. on Sunday, apparently, when I'll be in mid-flight somewhere not far from the equator (where it's always the equinox), I reckon.

This was one of the most enjoyable sessions I can remember, with everyone seemingly in an excelllent mood. Simon's laptop weirdness always stirs things up and, on this occasion, propelled us into full-on boundary-dissolving mode. Unusually, we did something partly premeditated, which was basically Mick trying out a couple of dub basslines (my suggestion). Our attempts at dub quickly morphed into other musical territory. Very inspiring though. Mick's got another COTD, satellite in the pipeline - an improvisational dub band called "Dub Magnitude". We were hoping to try this out before I went away for five weeks, but it wasn't to be.

John's playing was particularly fluid, he and I getting into some really nice counterpoint and weird cross-rhythms. Brian stuck to percussion (even though there was a keyboard present) which allowed Henry's drumming to really shine. I spent quite a while after everyone had left sitting outside by the little pond Vicky made, feeling really quite blessed to be musically involved with these people.

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