Thursday, March 02, 2006

throughly enjoyable St Stephens session

Simon - fretless electric bass guitar, piano, The Purple Lunchbox, balalaika, percussion (including various bits of the building), mobile phone
Henry - percussion
James T - piano, poetry, percussion
Richard - electric bass guitar
Keith - electric guitar
me - saz, percussion, The Purple Lunchbox

Mick - fretless electric bass guitar

strange memorial piece, south wall of church
another strange memorial piece, south wall of church

This was our monthly session at St. Stephens church last night. Two long pieces. Two basses at times. Snowing quite heavily (for southwest England) outside.

Mick knows Keith and also met Simon separately recently. He came along to listen to the first half, joined in on the second half.

There was even a small audience (three people, one of whom came to sketch us, I think) who stayed for the whole thing and really seemed to enjoy it.

Simon stayed over at Oblique House afterwards, and we caught the end of a wonderful piece by Jusin Vali (playing a Madagascaran harp-like instrument strung with brake cables) on Radio 3's Late Junction. Simon immediately recognised the artist - I'll have to track some of his stuff down soon.

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