Thursday, February 16, 2006

Exploratory Drone, Oblique House

Henry - percussion, vocal percussion, acoustic bass guitar
Keith - acoustic bass guitar, mandola, percussion, keyboard
John - acoustic guitar, acoustic bass guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, low whistle, voice, balalaika
me - saz, acoustic bass guitar, percussion, synthesiser drones, The Purple Lunchbox

The kitchen, Oblique House
The kitchen, Oblique House

Last night - quite an unusual session. I was struggling to feel physically comfortable, so took a while to get into it. Henry didn't bring his kit, just some hand percussion plus a mic and amplifier, so he could experiment with vocal percussion. He even had a go (very competently) playing a simple bassline on the last piece, during which I got very much into The Purple Lunchbox, particularly using a Northern Irish voice whose tonal qualities sounded quite extraordinary when cut up in this way. Unfortunately my amp wasn't turned up loud enough, and this stuff hardly comes through on the recording.

Listen Here

Afterwards I felt an urge to watch TV - something I rarely do, but sometimes feel like after an outpouring of creativity. I caught a couple of interesting music related items: One involved East London grime MC's working with a BBC orchestra as part of a project called "Urban Classics". The other was a British Asian youth culture programme called Desi DNA which focussed on supposed inter-racial tensions in Handsworth, Birmingham (following riots last year). They chose to look at positive examples of grassroots cooperation between the black and Asian communities, including an 'anti-bling' gospel-ragga MC called Witness working in the studio of a local bhangra producer on a remix. These brought back to mind some rather hopeful thoughts I had about a year ago, and which had a lot to do with the creation of this blog - they're sketched out in this post.

I was also very pleasantly surprised when part of Talk Talk's Spirit of Eden album (one of my all-time favourites) was used as music for a linking section in the latter programme, accompanying evocative imagery of the Lozells Road area. An extremely 'un-urban' choice which worked surprisingly well.


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yes i think he might even have set fire to one on stage, hendrix style

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