Sunday, February 26, 2006

simple Drone, Crediton

John - mandola, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass guitar, voice, percussion, low whistle
Henry - percussion, acoustic bass guitar
me - saz, balalaika, acoustic bass guitar, percussion, The Purple Lunchbox

Crediton Town Band, 1862
A somewhat different-sounding ensemble - the Crediton Town Band of 1862

The first piece involved a riff John had just been playing at home, something he'd made up to sing to his little daughter Laura after listening to some new material by Donald Fagen - so a bit of uncharacteristic (Steely Dan-like?) song structure there.

On the penultimate piece we switched instruments - John taught Henry a simple bassline, I had a brief stint behind Henry's kit, then John and I switched back and forth between strings and percussion.

Rather like the previous Drone session this felt a bit tenuous. Large chunks of it didn't work very well, but then others worked very well. Somehow the smaller ensemble lends itself to more experimentation. At one point we were playing a sort of sustained "out-of-phase" rhythm which felt quite interesting at time, but which sounded completely unlistenable in retrospect.

Also, like the last Crediton Drone, I didn't pay sufficient attention to the recording levels on the new MiniDisc recorder, so there's a mild clip in some places (but nothing too unpleasant):

Listen Here


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