Friday, February 10, 2006

Drone interpolating Pulse

John - acoustic guitar, bouzouki, low whistle, vocals, percussion
Keith - electric guitar
Henry - percussion
me - saz, balalaika, percussion, percussively-triggered radio device
Richard - electric bass guitar

'Peace Pole' outside the Rainbow Studio  'Peace Pole' outside the Rainbow Studio
What the world needs right now...a "peace pole" recently installed outside the Rainbow Studio. That's the moon above it in the left-hand picture.

An excellent session at the Rainbow Studio in Crediton. Initially it was just John, Keith, Henry and I, but when it transpired that John wasn't going to be able to make it to Henry's on Saturday to record the Pulse demo, Henry suggested calling Richard to see if he could come over and do it there and then. He could, so we Droned for a while (wonderfully! golden, mellow, trippy sounds, my saz through a mild flange, everything perfectly in place). Typically, the battery died on the MiniDisc recorder 10 minutes in, so we lost a good part of that one. Richard arrived as we were coming to and end, after which Henry enthusiastically declared to his brother that we'd "just been to the edge of the Universe and back"!

Richard plugged in, we ran a 3-groove 10 minute set a few times, got a take as good as anything we're likely to get on MiniDisc, then got back to Droning. I went a bit mad with my radio device, twisting short bursts of medium wave voice-babble, noise, sports commentary and opera with a delay effect (manually changing delay times in mid burst). Everyone seemed to be into that. I've got some ideas for extending the device, using an MP3 player rather than a radio, and having a whole directory of little loops of horns, accordions, voices, abstract sonic textures, etc., which I can draw from, ideally in all possible keys. Richard said he had an old iPod lying around at home, so I may end up using that.

Also, Henry's lent me a multi-effects module (it's intended for a guitar, but it should be interesting to experiment with a saz).

Definitely one to remember.

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