Friday, December 02, 2016

Steal This Evening

10th November 2016
Bramleys, Canterbury

Sven was visiting from Belgium — this was the day Trump's election victory was declared, so everything felt pretty weird and uncertain — we decided to go down to Bramleys to catch Bearded Sphynx's set at this event, but just missed them. The night was organised by some uncharacteristically interesting students who publish a (hard copy!) zine called Steal This MagaZine, seemingly influenced by the Adbusters aesthetic. Graham from the UKC Psychedelics Society was spinning some reggae tunes before we caught a bit of a local indie-psych guitar band called Tokyo Tearoom. All rather encouraging. Popping out for chips, we heard tireless troubadour Sam Brothers singing Dylan's "I Want You" from inside the Bell and Crown, so stopped in to listen to his set. By the time we go back to Bramleys the place had filled up, so we headed to The Unicorn in St. Dunstans instead to catch up with Joel from Syd Arthur, his girlfriend Hannah and SA soundman Mark, ended up talking Trump, inevitably. To counteract the gloom, Luke Smith was playing some piano on the other side of the pub. When he saw me come in, he quickly launched into Matching Mole's "O Caroline", bless him...


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