Friday, December 02, 2016

Endwar Powers and Dubi Dolczek

6th November 2016
secret woodland location near Canterbury

Dubi Dolczek and friends at Smugglers Festival, last summer or perhaps the one before

Another wond'rous, intimate occasion, including Endwar Powers (a.k.a. Andrew Prowse) singing in public for only the second time. Mystery man and adventurer Dubi Doczek (a.k.a. Graeme Smith) showed up with only his pal Lewis Fitzjohn (from Yama Warashi) rather than the usual motley crew, but the two of them managed to play a magnificently varied and deeply psychedelic set, mixing up forgotten 20s jazz songs, beautiful old rocksteady and a few songs from the extraordinary Dubi Dolczek and the Haunted Lagoon album ("Fishbone Jim", "A Million Flamingos") plus the forthcoming Dubi In Space ("Planet of the Grey-Haired Babies"). Dubi played something that looked like a hybrid clarinet/soprano saxophone with Lewis on guitar, percussion and battery-powered keyboard. Most memorable of all was the spontaneous doo-wop sing-along they instigated at the end of "(I Met Her At The) Laser Dojo".

Before the gig, I was surprised, but then not, to overhear Graeme enthusiastically discussing oldskool hiphop with Laszlo (local MC Humble Pious). He's got quite a staggering wealth of musical knowledge, and it all filters through into his own, utterly original, work.

Here's some footage of Dubi and friends live in Bristol with (why not?) some superimposed fish species imagery:


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